Fresh new look from Allyson Eastman.

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 We aspire to offer women the best shopping experience...the best in fashion with honesty

We'll be happy to offer recommendations that respond to your wants and that will compliment your natural beauty.  Success with your selections is an experience that we love to help with.  We do not sell on-line because we believe strongly in a personal interaction between you, your stylist and the styles.

We have developed close relationships with each of our designers, so if you don't find just what is on the list today, we will pull some strings.  

The sign on the door says "Sabina's Style", so if you are looking for typical Portland Style this may not be your boutique.  Each of the designers we represent take pride in being current with the global fashion trends.  Sabina travels to market routinely and personally selects the very best of what is offered.  Fashion trends are researched continuously so that you have confidence when you walk into a room no matter where you are or who you're with.  

"Clothes that love you" expresses the result we expect with every experience at Sabina's Style.  


About Sabina (pictured above)

Sabina has loved fashion since she was a little girl growing up in Russia. She recalls a story of how she redesigned her school uniform.  She would leave the home in the morning with the official uniform, then transform into her customized version after arriving.   She never wants to be the gray mouse in the room...something has to stand out.  

As you step into the store, you can see that she's searched to find unique designs from great designers from across the globe.  An important aspect of her vision, is that she is committed to offering stylish options for women with any budget, so just because the place has an upscale feel, don't be intimidated.

The design of the store and the selection of clothing and accessories are all influenced by Sabina's experiences throughout a life with countless mesmerizing stories.  She has lived on three different continents before her most recent migration from the New York area to Oregon.